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Sally Boehme Beaded Jewellery & Kits

If you are looking to buy some gifts for someone who is into artisanal treats (or if you are treating yourself!) you should have a look at the excellent collection of Sally Boheme Beaded Jewellery and kits that is available right here at The Pedlar’s Tray.

Sally Boehme has been making jewellery for 25 years and has truly mastered her craft. Have a look through the extensive array and you will be sure to find plenty of pieces of design which capture your imagination.

Being based in the Wye Valley in Herefordshire, Sally is constantly inspired by the natural world around her. On top of that she takes inspiration from art from the Renaissance period and from the Impressionists.

Among the collection of jewellery, you will see pendants, earrings, wreaths, necklaces, bracelets and other pieces of design. There is lots of variety not only in the types of jewellery but also in the colours on display. From bright reds to icy greens, deep blues to subtle pinks, it is a beautiful world for you to explore.

You would find many pieces of jewellery but, if you want to want to get involved in some crafts of your own, there are many kits here as well. These give you a fun and rewarding way to construct your own pieces of jewellery magic!

Dagger Drop Necklace Kit Dagger Drop Necklace Kit
2 in stock
Dagger Drop Necklace Kit, colour ways may vary.
Large Sparkle Swarovski Earrings Large Sparkle Swarovski Earrings
1 in stock
Large Sparkle Swarovski Earrings copper & bronze.
SB024 Bead Embroidered Flower Pendant SB024 Bead Embroidered Flower Pendant
1 in stock
SB024 Bead Embroidered Pendent - Blues
SB044 Freeform Peyote Cuff - Green SB044 Freeform Peyote Cuff - Green
1 in stock
SB044 Freeform Peyote Cuff - green
SB046 Ogalala Leaf Bracelet SB046 Ogalala Leaf Bracelet
1 in stock
Sb046 Ogalala Leaf Bracelet - autumnal
SB048 Knitted Wire,Crystal Button Brooch SB048 Knitted Wire,Crystal Button Brooch
1 in stock
SB048 Knitted Wire and Crystal Button Brooch - Pink/Copper
SB051 Knitted Wire,Seed Bead & Fabric Cuff SB051 Knitted Wire,Seed Bead & Fabric Cuff
1 in stock
SB051 Knitted Wire,Seed Bead & Fabric Cuff - copper/peach
SB056 Large Snowflake - Green SB056 Large Snowflake - Green
1 in stock
SB056 Large Snowflake - Green
SB057 Large Snowflake - Purple/Aqua/Gold SB057 Large Snowflake - Purple/Aqua/Gold
1 in stock
SB057 Large Snowflake - aqua/
SB058 Large Snowflake - Orange/Gold SB058 Large Snowflake - Orange/Gold
1 in stock
SB058 Large Snowflake - orange/gold
SB060 Small Snowflake - Crystal/Silver SB060 Small Snowflake - Crystal/Silver
1 in stock
SB060 Small Snowflake- crystal/silver
SB061 Small Snowflake - Blue/Crystal SB061 Small Snowflake - Blue/Crystal
1 in stock
SB061 Small Snowflake - blue/crystal
SB064 Icicle Pink/Purple SB064 Icicle Pink/Purple
1 in stock
Sb064 Icicle -  Purple/Pink
SB082 Blossom Brooch SB082 Blossom Brooch
1 in stock
SB082 Blossom Brooch
SB088 Polymer Clay Bead Necklace SB088 Polymer Clay Bead Necklace
1 in stock
Ploymer Clay Bead Necklace in orange/greem millefiori


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