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A4 Coloured Vellum Sheet A4 Coloured Vellum Sheet
20 in stock
A4 Vellum Paper Sheets available in packs of Silver, Gold, Peach, Purple, Turquoise and Pastel Green.
Heat Parchment Paper Heat Parchment Paper
5 in stock
Parchment Paper is designed to be used with the CRAFT AND MIXED MEDIA IRON to protect your Iron and projects. Lay a piece over your project before applying heat from the iron. This helps to protect your project and it also protect the pate of the Iron from any excess adhesive. Product code: S57359 Size: 210mm x 297mm - A4 Qty: 10 sheets per pack
Perforating Mat A5 PG31419 Perforating Mat A5 PG31419
1 in stock
Perforating Mat Excellent The perforating pad Excellent is mostly used for perforating but can also be used for embossing. The pad is especially suited for working with the Pergamano Easy-Grid, the measurements of the pad fit the grid exactly.
Perforating Tool 1 Needle Perforating Tool 1 Needle
1 in stock
Product DescriptionPerforating tool 1-needle. Flexible and durable material. Extremely sharp needle which glides through the parchment paper due to its shape.
Perforating Tool 2 Needle Perforating Tool 2 Needle
7 in stock
This tool is used when you wish to perforate and cut out parts of the parchment paper. Always let one needle of the 2-needle tool slip into the last hole made. This will result in an even distance between perforations.
Perforating Tool Angle Perforating Tool Angle
2 in stock
The Pergamano perforating tool angle has 5 needles in the shape of a straight angle offering many possibilities. Using this perforating tool you can perforate a square which you can subsequently cut out. The Pergamano perforating tool is made from a flexible and very durable material and has a specially developped dirt repelent rubber for a soft but firm grip. In addition the weight and the ergono…
Perga Soft Perga Soft
1 in stock
Pergamano Perga-Soft Perga soft is a special kind of wax that can be used on embossing tools or perforating tools. Pull the end of the embossing tool or the needle(s) of perforating tools along the wax. The tool will slide over the paper more smoothly.
PLG007 Tattered Lace Flourishes PLG007 Tattered Lace Flourishes
1 in stock
Tattered Lace Parchment Grids bring our fantastic detailed and delicate designs to parchment crafting. They can be used for background patterning, central motifs, borders and more. This grid measures approx 14.8cm x 21cm.
SPB020S Designer Parchment Grid SPB020S Designer Parchment Grid
1 in stock
SPB020S Designer Parchment Grid small alphabet letters
SPB021L Siesta Designer Parchment Grid SPB021L Siesta Designer Parchment Grid
1 in stock
Large Designer Grid SPB021L


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