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Claire James Miniatures and Cutters

At The Pedlar’s Tray we have a fantastic selection of cutters and miniatures from Claire James.

In terms of cutters, there are a few different options, with butterfly cutters, fan cutters and mask cutters all available. Each cutter can be used on a modelling clay medium such as cold porcelain, fimo or hearty. Adorable miniature butterflies, fans and masks can then be produced which can also be decorated after being cut.

When it comes to miniatures, you really will be amazed by the detail and beauty of the pieces of design from Claire James. The stitching has all been carried out by hand and displays a fantastic level of expert craft in its intricacy. There are small rugs, fire screens, tables, chairs and more.

Claire James uses a number of different materials to create her stunning pieces of design. The gorgeous silhouette pictures are stitched using evenweave with a gold frame surrounding them. The anemone picture on the other hand is stitched on silk gauze as is the design on the small table.

Among the stitched patterns are images of roses and plenty of other flowers, with many rich colours brought together in a beautiful and vibrant swirl.

So, with designs available which are both effortlessly charming and deeply impressive, and the tools available for you to cut out your own miniature designs, the range of craft products from Claire James really does have it all.

Anemone Picture Anemone Picture
1 in stock
Anemone Picture Stitched on silk gauze by Claire James 36mm x 33mm
Butterfly Cutters Butterfly Cutters
6 in stock
Butterfly Cutters to be used with a modelling medium to help produce butterflies.Each cutter is approximately 1 1/2" square.Available in different designs
Fan Cutters Fan Cutters
20 in stock
Fan Cutters aproximately 1 1/2" square, available in different designs.
Firescreen Firescreen
1 in stock
Firescreen with Transfer Design
Mask Cutters 1/12 Scale Mask Cutters 1/12 Scale
88 in stock
Mask Cutters can be used with cold porcelain, fimo, hearty and other modelling clays to repoduce stunning miniature masks which can then be decorated.Cutters are aprroximately 1 1/2" square.Available in different designs.
Oval Rug Oval Rug
1 in stock
Oval Rug Stitched by Claire James 94mm x 100mm
Pair of Silhouette Pictures AA2234 Pair of Silhouette Pictures AA2234
1 in stock
Pair of Silhouette Pictures Stitched by Claire James on Evenweave on gold frames
Screen Screen
1 in stock
Three Panelled Screen Designed and Stitched by Claire James
Small table Small table
1 in stock
Small Table Stitched design on silk gauze by Claire James 50mm x 50mm Height 60mm
Table Table
1 in stock
Table with Embroidered Centre Piece by Claire James 82mm x 82mm Height 65mm
Two Chairs Two Chairs
1 in stock
Two Chairs with Rose Design Stitched Seats by Claire James

Miniature needlework


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