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Rag Rugging Crafting Accessories

Rag rugging is a craft which anyone can do, and it can bring great joy to those who get involved. It is ultimately so relaxing and so rewarding for your general state of mind because it is a craft which, due to its easy and uncomplicated nature, can keep you pleasantly occupied without you needing to stress or toil over it.

To get yourself going with the lovely and calming craft of rag rugging, why not invest in a starter kit? This comes with a latch hook, a hemmed rug hessian, a wooden cutting gauge, a marker pen and, most importantly, both an instructional DVD and an instructional booklet.

In this vein too we have available a rag rug cushion kit and a wreath kit. These kits similarly would serve as perfect first rag rugging projects to embark on for beginners. Each kit comes with all that is needed to carry out the crafting job apart from the fabrics themselves, which is also the case with the starter kit. This is because the spirit of rag rugging is to inject new life and purpose into old clothes or fabric off cuts that might be spare around the house.

Also available to buy individually are the hemmed rug hessian, hemmed cushion hessian, hessian shopping bag and various tools which will help you either to enter the world of rag rugging or to go from strength to strength with this age-old craft.

Hemmed Hessian Practice Piece Hemmed Hessian Practice Piece
9 in stock
This hessian is a medium weave (10 holes per inch / 10HPI) which is perfect for both beginner and expert rag ruggers to use with a latch hook or spring tool. It is the same hessian used to make all our Ragged Life projects so you can rest assured that you're buying what the experts use. This particular piece of hessian has been hemmed to make a rag rug practice trivet, which is a great project for…
Hessian Shopping Bag Hessian Shopping Bag
3 in stock
Hessian (burlap) is the base material used in traditional British rag rugging. Using the correct weave is incredibly important as looser weaves do not hold the rags in securely where as tight hessian can be difficult to rag rug into. This 40 x 40 cm hessian (burlap) shopping bag is the perfect weave (10 holes per inch / 10HPI) for both beginner and expert rag ruggers alike to use with a latch hook…
Latch Hook Latch Hook
9 in stock
This hard wood stainless steel latch hook is absolutely perfect for both loopy and shaggy rag rugging. The deep hook cradles the rags securely whilst the metal latch traps them in place.
Rag Rug Cushion Kit Rag Rug Cushion Kit
2 in stock
Our 40 x 40cm rag rug cushion makes a great first project for any rag rug beginner. Like our other rag rug kits, our Rag Rug Cushion Kit has all the tools to get you started, including: - Latch Hook (the main tool we use for both the rag rugging techniques). - 40 x 40cm Hemmed Cushion Hessian (no need to do anything with this hessian so you can get rag rugging straight away!) - Wooden Cutting Gaug…
Rag Rug Guage Rag Rug Guage
6 in stock
Our Ragged Life Rag Rug Gauge is the perfect time- and effort-saving tool to help you cut fabric strips to the correct length for shaggy rag rugging. We've spent a lot of time designing and tweaking our gauge to make it the very best it can be. Our gauge... - Has a deeper groove than normal to prevent scissors snagging on the wood when cutting - protecting your expensive fabric scissors! - Is made…


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